weatherhelm- input needed pse.

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by wayne nicol, Jun 9, 2011.

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    re:weather helm

    hi all,--I'm surprised no one has mentioned the effect of tiller loading,regarding the extreme force needed to overcome the tendency to round up.If the rudder is a kick-up style,as most dinghys are,sailing with the rudder less than fully down will result in extreme tiller load --make sure it is pointing straight down,and not aft,like a barn door ---Saw
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    A few % of blade area has to be forward of rudder rotation axis...

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    Some years ago there was a British speed-sailing outfit that came up with a cat that had centreboards but no rudders. They placed the mast on a track which was moved fore-aft by a grinder.

    The idea was to eliminate a foil and the associated drag. All lift creates drag, the more lift, the more drag.

    wayne nicol moving/raking your mast forwards is good first step, you may be fast too, less rudder lift needed.
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