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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by intrepid71, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Best thing I've found for smoothing out the chop at higher speeds is good ol' bean bag chairs. They build them specifically for marine use, too (see and ).

    Speaking of novel suspensions, my Dad's old tractor has its seat suspended on the end of a steel bar. The spring tension in the steel provides a soft ride for a day of plowing/cultivating in the fields. Very low tech and inexpensive, but very comfortable and effective. Only issue is it tends to be set for a given weight - would need to add a moveable fulcrum to adjust for different weights. Still probably the best bang-for-the-buck, but you don't see it commonly implemented because it is old tech that was forgotten about when coil springs came around (which have their own issues).
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    We use models to experiment with ideas and if a model does what you want to do a full size model can follow and be open for further innovation and improvement. Using already applied technology you know works with a different use is the easy way to go.
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    Maybe it should have small 'wings', more like an ekranoplane with a hull?
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    Yes it may add to the design and stability. I am sure some one can come up with more improvements. Show us a few of yours. I am just busting to go for a ride in my new model, and I would like to have a fleet of them so I can make big bucks giving tourists rides $$$$$$.
    I think too long of wings would create problems. I am experimenting with a quad array of simple rotors (like a drone) for better contro;l.
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    Every car on the road has a complex mechanical suspension and we think nothing of it. I don't think the complexity or maintenance are that big of an issue if the ride improvement is dramatic.

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    I will agree with that, to a point. If you've ever driven a solid rubber wheeled no suspension forklift even one block on what looks like a smooth paved road, you would appreciate why cars have suspension systems.

    Boats on the other hand operate on the water and inherently have some degree of hydraulic dampening in operation. Boats are also more weight sensitive and the environment (saltwater boats) many of them operate in not easy on most of the components I envision would be party to a boat suspension system.

    As I pointed out in my previous post, Boston Whaler did it, and if more people had heard of it it would have been a bigger commercial success than it was.

    Not saying it won't happen, just don't think the demand, the market or the technology at the right price point is there yet. I think daiquiri nailed the only current viable market.

    Steve :cool:

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