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Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by hazegry, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Hi guys I am looking to build a boat. I like models and I would like to build a nice boat for me and my son to take sailing. This would be the start for me to build bigger boats. I am thinking of a bulls eye
    or the Piccup squared I am in the navy and I dont have a garage so its going to have to be built outside. The next project I would like to build is the Sneakeasy
    I am planning on cutting everything then putting it together to minimize its exposure to the elements. I would like to make my own sail as I am on a budget. any advice would be great thanks.
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    I would go with Piccup squared. Bulls eye is a more difficult build and Sneakeasy is not a sailboat.
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    I just completed a project much like you are looking at. I got free plans off
    the net. I wanted to build a traditional type boat around twelve feet.

    I made my sail from chicken house curtain material for around $30.

    All the details are here:

    This is the last page so just go back a few and you will find most of the

    I spent about $1000 including a new motor and trailer.
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    You were a few minutes quicker.

    Rick W
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    Bull's Eye will offer the most sailing enjoyment of the two sailors and looks a fair bit better as well.

    Poly tarp sails are easy to make. They don't set very well and are loud to live with, but inexpensive.

    Building without shelter will drive you nuts. Consider a tarp carport or similar temporary shelter.

    Sneakeasy is a substantial project and you surely want to have more under roof room to build it.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I like the piccup squared but the bulls eye does look better and I am going to learn to sail on this boat so I dont want something clunky and hard to start with. I know the sneakeasy isnt a sail boat but I think its a neat boat and it would look great with a classic outboard and a chris craft style deck. I dont have to have a trailer right away have a lake in my back yard and it should be big enough for the Bullseye or Piccup. Its more like a channel than a lake its about 2 miles long and 40 feet wide. I am on a married guy why are you doing that budget lol.
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