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    (Miss typed Pharaohs in the title duh!!)

    This place is a wealth of information, good members and awesome help from every one....

    After falling in love with boats, i decided to start building a small power boat for fishing at a traditional yard in Egypt which is quite a challenge!!

    With no experience with engineering, wood or construction methods, i turned to experts to help me built a boat that will provide me with a wealth of experience, fishing pleasure and general access to the red sea (which i feel is my natural home being born in Alexandria i have genes that nag me to be close to water!)

    I want to thank every one for giving me an opportunity to say hello, the patience provided by the kind members.

    Yes i do ride camels (I'm Egyptian after all!) .... and attached a picture with me in my Nike shoes on a camel ride in Sinai (Dahb)

    My name is Mohamed Helal (AKA vulkyn nor related i know :p) yes I'm Egyptian and i work in Offset printing business.

    I will provide links to the building techniques for any one who interested to see how boats are build (along with the problems of traditional builders!)

    Special thanks to Apex, capt Jack, ancient kayaker, Fanie (and any on i missed!) for their patience and help!

    Here is the link for my boat project!


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