Foilboard geometry

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Tinkersailor, Jul 22, 2014.

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    A few stupid questions....

    1) what is the general relative AOA settings for the front and rear foil?

    2) does the rear foil produce lift or down force in normal operation?

    3) what foil sections are used in current designs?

    3) any carbon lay up advice?

    Thanks for the input!

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    In a "normal" foiler the AOI(angle of incidence) of the forward foil is greater than the rear foil but other than that I know very little to nothing about kite foilers. There is at least one thread here on kite foiling-you can find a name and contact them or ,better yet, find one and measure it.
    On my foilers: (Angle of Attack(AOA) on any foiler can be variable, measurements are of the Angle of Incidence of the foils relative to something like the flight waterline or the centerline of the foiler)
    1-+2.5 degrees(AOI) for forward main foil, zero degrees for aft foil
    2- lift to start, downforce at high speed -switching automatically-this is likely to be somewhat different on a kite foilboard,
    3- no idea on foilboard sections-measure one. You'll have to decide if jumping and re-entering successfully is part of your design requirement-that will affect your choice of foil planform and section,
    4-big topic, one thing at a time......

    you might try here but beware: design is not a strong point of this forum:
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