LP - now with sail-handling ability - and known as "Piccola"

SailDesign: LP - now with sail-handling ability - and known as "Piccola"

Because the poor skipper was getting tired of not being able to trim anything.... Name-wise, see below.

SailDesign, Jul 20, 2015
    • SailDesign
      So, what's in a name?....
      This beast was called "LP" because LPs spin at 33-and-a-third rpm, and the boat is 33-and-a-third feet long. She was going to become "400" because 33'-4" is 400 inches, but that sounded too close to the movie "300" for comfort. What about Roman numerals, I hear you say.... Well, that would make 400 into "CD" which is really not that far off "LP", and from the same industry. So THAT was out.
      Many years ago, my Dad designed a double-ended little thing called "Piccolo" so I looked to see what the female form of it, "Piccola", might mean. Hey, Presto, a winner! Literally, it means "little girl" but it is used as sweetheart, honey, etc. A term of endearment for a girl.
      So, "Piccola" it is. :)
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    • SailDesign
      Thanks, Tad! She's getting there. A few more doses of reality still to go. :)
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      This is a nice one. Would make an owner proud I think. As its designer should be.
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      Doug Lord
      Just gorgeous! A boat that just makes me want to go sailing. What fun she would be!
    • SailDesign
      @Doug Lord - Thanks! Now updated with more freeboard, SLIGHTLY deeper cockpit, etc.

      Still not totally sure which on I like better.... This one is more daysailer, the "new" one more "weekender" :)
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