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  1. duluthboats
    @Doug Lord Thanks Doug, Zodiac is a beautiful boat. A lot of water under the hull since I took that photo.
  2. mike marchetti
    really like the hull shape looks nice
  3. mike marchetti
    wood looks really nice !
  4. Doug Lord
  5. fredrosse
    Looks OK for very small power, maybe a trolling motor, but if for a trolling motor, turning and reversing is already solved with conventional trolling motors. The tiller concept with the Kitchen...
  6. Doug Lord
    Man, I'd like to see that up close!
  7. SailDesign
    @Alik - Thanks!
  8. Alik
    Nice classic lines...
  9. Rurudyne
    @u4ea32 ... I know it has been seven years but i thought to reply anyway. Yes, the auto industry has with all their complex and expensive dies and forms made all those smooth lines look easy....
  10. Doug Lord
    Very nice!

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