For Yipster - Final colour scheme for "Fenrir"

SailDesign: For Yipster - Final colour scheme for "Fenrir"

for now.... :smile"

SailDesign, Aug 20, 2009
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      hi Steve, all well? good to see your drawings again

      saw a stunning silver what was it few years back with the orange in the sheerline and some other details, never forgot how good it looked

      was an wat was it.. small feretti, mochi, no, better tahn sunseeker, forgot..

      dont go finaly crazy on it couse i'll only send little money if you get real hungry my frend and wont fill up that nice boy's toy

      me thinks i owe you some "rep" points, comming!

      all the best and keep on it, you got it so why not, and so should yip
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      Sean Herron
      Never say or post 'final'...
      Only the doctors get that rite...
      I want to see that hatch moved forward - messy remodelling...
      I want to see a higher wrap around - no compound curve windshield to the deck - with snaps for canvass...
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      I dont know if that is enough air for those bad boys in the rear but at least theyre not holding there breath now. Good to see you noodeling again Steve.
      Gary :D
    • Willallison
      "Good to see you modelling again Steve"
      Never new you hit the catwalk Steve... ;-)
      No offense but I like our Jennifer Hawkins better....
      (google will soon show you what I mean...)
      Oh!... you guys were talking about boats... sorry....
    • SailDesign
      Go back to hibernation, Will. You've got another month of winter at least! ;-P
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