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  • Kadey-Krogen Yachts
    Kadey Krogen trawler yachts are one of the finest full-displacement hull, long range trawler yachts available. Stuart, Florida. (Added: 1-Nov-2002 Hits: 3211)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Kayakcraft, Ted Moores
    Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction. Kayakcraft covers four Steve Killing designs featured, including the 17' Endeavour. Also included in the book are lines and offsets for a 14' sport kayak, a 16'6" touring kayak, and a 20'6" tandem kayak. (Added: 8-Apr-2000 Hits: 3219)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • KayakPro
    Composite performance racing kayaks. Racing based Kayaks designed for Flatwater, Sprint and Marathon, Adventure Racing, Fitness and Fast Touring. (Added: 25-Mar-2008 Hits: 2066)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Kayakpro racing kayaks
    KayakPro manufactures a range of composite performance kayaks. Racing based kayaks designed for flatwater, sprint and marathon, adventure racing, fitness and fast touring. (Added: 17-Jun-2007 Hits: 1775)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Key3D Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid prototyping services for marine architects and ship design specialists. Located in Vancouver, we provide internet access to hull designers around the globe. If you use 3d CAD to design sailboats, powercraft or ships, we can provide timely and cost effective proof of concept models, test models and client appreciation models. (Added: 13-May-2003 Hits: 2718)  My Links | Rate | Visit

  • Kris's Boat Building Web Site
    Building a Stevenson Projects Mini Cup sail boat - The 12' Mini-Cup was designed to be cheap and easy to build, be cartoppable, and still be fast and fun. The hull is a snap to build, and incorporates a lot of timesaving features. Sailing is quick and dependable with a kick-up rudder for easy beaching. (Added: 3-Aug-2002 Hits: 4456)  My Links | Rate | Visit

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