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  • DIGIROUT  10.00
    The Affordable Low Cost CNC Router. Industrial-strength CNC routers from DigiRout LLC. Features include heavy walled custom precision extruded aluminum, vibration dampened Z axis, PC based motion controller, and GCODE compatibility. CNC Router Kits also available. (Added: 16-Jan-2007 Hits: 5101)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit DIGIROUT
  • Foamlinx LLC  0
    Foamlinx LLC designs, manufactures and distributes CNC Foam Cutting Machines and provides foam cutting services. The machines are used in industries such as Architecture, Boats, R/C and Hobbies, Theme parks, Aerospace and many more (Added: 28-Dec-2008 Hits: 2724)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Foamlinx LLC
  • Formglas  10.00
    Formglas' pattern service is centered on our high volume large envelope machining capabilities. We have five full 5-axis machines working for you 24 hours a day. Our largest machine has a 15' x 10' x 3' envelope. Any pattern larger than the machining envelope is indexed accordingly. (Added: 15-Jan-2002 Hits: 4931)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Formglas
  • IRBCAM  9.50
    CAD/CAM interface to ABB robots. ABB robots and linear tracks can be used to mill large moulds and plugs for marine applications, with a typical accuracy of 0.3-0.5mm. (Added: 7-Oct-2006 Hits: 2794)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit IRBCAM
  • Mainly Metals  0
    Mainly Metals is a full service fabrication shop. We currently offer precision CNC Waterjet Cutting Services of any design cut out of any material. (Added: 28-May-2011 Hits: 2074)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Mainly Metals
  • Mollicam, Inc  8.00
    Patterns, molds, and prototypes utilizing 5-axis computer controlled machines. This process that Mollicam pioneered in 1991 yields superior accuracy and perfect symmetry in a fraction of the time required by traditional hand methods. (Added: 13-Apr-2000 Hits: 4536)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Mollicam, Inc
  • PaR Systems  9.00
    Manufactures high precision gantry robots used for milling plugs & molds for the marine industry. The MR125 Gantry Milling System is a high speed, 5 axis industrial CNC machine assigned specifically for milling and routing applications requiring large work envelopes and fast, accurate positioning. (Added: 12-Dec-2001 Hits: 4384)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit PaR Systems
  • Phoenix Technology Works  7.50
    Phoenix Technology Works, specializes in producing large 5-Axis milled patterns, molds, plugs, and tooling for aerospace, marine, and transportation applications. With high precision, we have the capability to machine a wide range of materials including foam, putty, fiberglass and carbon fiber. (Added: 15-Aug-2003 Hits: 3506)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Phoenix Technology Works

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