Young Engineer looking for job!

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    -1 year experienced, 25 years old.
    -Rhinoceros, Autocad, Maxsurf, Hydromax, Ms Office

    i worked for a year in a Yacht design office. In this period i prepared 3d models of our yachts, class office drawings and also followed up work.
    I graduated at 2007 and started master program of my university. Now im in thesis period and at the other hand i have been doing my compulsory military service task for 5 months in a ship design office at Turkish Naval Forces. As you could see that i live in Turkey, Istanbul. This is my last month in Army then i ll be free and look for a job.

    I wonder if i have a chance to find any job in eu,usa or dubai etc?

    If there is anyone could inform please contact me at
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