You Know What's Annoying?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by CatBuilder, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Dave Gudeman
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    Dave Gudeman Senior Member

    So ... why isn't a catamaran hull a pontoon? For that matter, why isn't a pontoon boat a catamaran?
  2. Ilan Voyager
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    Ilan Voyager Senior Member

    I do agree, just one country using imperial measures versus the whole universe using metric.
    Gosh the drill tips sizes with fraction, decimal , letters, ciphers.
    My God... fractions of inch, inch, feet=12 inches, yards=3 feet, miles= 1760 yards...not very logical...
    The f... gauges of sheets are different if is steel or alu sheet.
    For the weights it is worst, avoirdupoids, troy, lbs, short tons, long tons etc...
    And the pipes! a 1" nominal sch 30 is not 1 inch inside nor outside, very practical.
    I do stop.
    Yo know what they do first at the US Army for the recruits: learning metric...What they use at the NASA? metric (just imperial for the general public)

    Simple and straight; 10 power x .
    Length: Meter, centimeter 10^-2, millimeter 10^-3, tenth of mm 10^-4 and so on. Meter, hectometer 10^2, kilometer 10^3 meters, and so on.
    Calculations are so simpler and faster with metric...

    Another thing that annoys me: all the s... naval publications of so called research without units of measure...The 28 pages publication that arrives to inconclusive results with a margin varying from 10 to 50%...brief to zero useful data or method.

    I hate also the so brilliant mathematical equation with no solution that you have to over simplify to get a result. And you see immediately that a test in your bathtub and a small scale would have given better results...
  3. Angélique
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    Angélique aka Angel (only by name)

    . . . reminds me of this post, how are you . . ? ?

    Wish you all the best..!!

  4. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

  5. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    You know what's annoying? Seeing a tall muscular man walking a tiny wimp dog around. For a guy like me who hunts wild boars with a knife, it just pisses me off.
  6. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    Ditto Boston's ditto of Angélique's best wishes.
  7. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Michael-- the non metric fasteners would not bother me as much as them being non stainless (buried in rust). Had they been so you could have gotten them off with your teeth. I would have dropped them in the boatbuilders back pocket--red hot. Non stainless fasteners in a marine enviroment bugs me including those in the cabinet and interior finish work.
  8. philSweet
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    philSweet Senior Member

    Has any one over there figured out that you don't need 17,18,19,20,21,22mm nuts? Pick any two. Chevy did-18 and 21. Ford picked 17 and 20, Don't know who got 19 and 22. I haven't worked in industry for a while now so some of this may have gotten sorted out.

    Oh, if you open the beer before 10am its a pontoon.
  9. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Talk about Annoying ! Youve been on watch all day ,burning in the relentless 1900, youre slowly nosing into an island archipelago, scoping out a night time anchor and an evening swim to cool off...everything looks good, clear sandy bottom, good swing room, protection from the evening N' easter. You drop the hook, back her in, heave the swim ladder over, scan for jellyfish , prepare to cannonball into the sea and...****... GREAT WHITE SHARK !!! on port bow. I just hate those toothy buggers and they are just everywhere during summer.

    Dam sharks..............

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  10. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    First time ever recorded --here in Nova Scotia-- whale watching tours are having close encounters of the photo kind -- with curious great whites. In addition one was found entangles in a fishng net. This is not all that rare as I remember as a kid on the west coast of NFLD two being entangled in salmon nets back in the 50's. I have a documented case in which two fishermen drowned in Cape Breton N.S. in the 60's when a great white attacked and holed their wooden dory. The shark was identified by the teeth removed from the boats planking. Now that would bug me messing up my hulls finish.
  11. Katoh
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    Katoh Senior Member

    The real sad thing about these beasts, is the biggest one ever recorder was founding floating dead (choked on a seal) were I go fishing, the whole 7m of him if memory serves me correct. The really sad thing is they are totally protected so they can eat you or your boat but you cant harm them.:(
    We need a Bigger Boat!

  12. bntii
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    bntii Senior Member

    Few years back we came along a GW which seemed every bit of half our length of 40'.
    Lolling along the surface early one morning we came right along side. I seem to remember something about the increase in GW's being tied to the seal population coming back.
    Sighted while coasting northern Maine.
  13. bntii
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    bntii Senior Member

    Oh- annoyed.
    yep most days at something or the other.....
  14. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Thread starters that are misleading in 'intent' like
    "Thwart-less rowboat possible?" - - - ?got a lithp - or a typo with an added 'h' and an 'r'?
    "Shaft Angle" - ? - in need of some s*x education?
    "Katoh" = Peter Sellers 'offsider' in the Pink Panther series of movies?
    "How can we calculate the driving and drag force?" - visiting the gay districts in a pimped out ride?
    "Gyroscopic Multi-Hull Design" - - - an oxymoron?
    "Why the need to race?" - - - Oh dear another case of the curled little finger?
    "Beginning", - - - Missquote from the bible 'In the beginning, God....'
    - - just for starters... can you think of some more? :D :D :eek:

  15. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    When you buy the latest Boat International magazine and discover that the smallest "boat" featured is 75 feet long (the longest is almost 200 ft). What is a ship then, according to these folks' standards?
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