You Know What's Annoying?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by CatBuilder, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member's annoying indignity. POZIDRIV screw heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the dweeb who invented them, then ship him to marine purgatory with a basket of phillips head drivers.
  2. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer

    People going just slightly too fast in the anchorage and paying no mind to the wake they leave behind.........especially those (charter boats) that do this every day and should know better.......
  3. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Know what Ya mean Tad...this picture was taken a few hours ago in the anchorage. Wake big enough to cause serious damage.

    Whats going thru the drivers mind..gin ?

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  4. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    That's a good one. I often am subject to the same thing from commercial fishing (lobster) boats in semi-displacement mode blasting through the anchorage to get in at night or go out in the morning.

    Today's little annoyance for me is really an annoyance for tomorrow.

    Getting up at 3AM to bog in some balsa core so I can get glass on it before Hurricane Irene comes by.

    The impact from the storm is looking less and less likely, however, I don't want to chance it. Getting up at 3AM will be my new annoyance tomorrow. Thanks, Irene! :D
  5. Dirteater
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    Dirteater Senior Member

    no talking! keep Rowing!

  6. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    I prefer to be the annoyer rather then the annoyed. Its just easier. For instance, today I noticed my neighbors dog was for once in his life not barking, and the neighbor was out talking to someone, so I marched right up and said hi, hey is your dog feeling OK cause I noticed he stopped barking for some odd reason. New voice set him off for another half hour or so. "Oh there he is" It was perfect, it completely interrupted her conversation and if I know the neighbor she ended up screaming at the dog for 15 or 20 minutes with no effect at all. annoyed just depends on what side of the fence you choose to be on.
  7. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    Boston, I am not surprised.
  8. SamSam
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    SamSam Senior Member

    I'm just annoyed for no particular reason.

    The neighbors dog is a big stupid one that barked all day while she was at work. Someone must have complained, she asked me if it was bothersome. Well, yeah, sure it is, I told her. She said they were going to get an electric shock collar that shocked when it barked. It worked perfectly, no more barking mutt. Hopefully her other dogs won't figure it out and start barking to torment the first one.
  9. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    With the sun, a magnifier and an anthill you must be ecstatic.
  10. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    I recommended a bark collar at one point but I think they prefer to just let it bark. Kinda odd people actually. I figured since they had just got the dog to stop barking and were finally engaged in peaceful conversation it might be a good time for a subtle reminder. Whats really cool is that they keep him in at night cause of all the tickets they got ( barking dog gets expensive I guess ) and now when he goes off at three or so in the morning when I usually get in on weekends I just get this little sick grin cause yah just know he woke up his owners.

    Speaking of which same concept works great at the club. Some fool having a great time annoying everyone till finally someone complains. Kinda fun to see the change in demeanor as they typically end up "escorted" outside. I'm just saying, its way easier to be the annoyer than the annoyee. Specially when its artfully directed.

    Ya just gotta get creative with it, for instance, when the neighbor first brought the dog inside for the night he'd sit in the front window and bark at everything outside. So they hung a huge shade over there front porch so he couldn't see. Naturally one evening on the way in he noticed me out the side window and went off big times. I think he missed the joy of seeing what he was barking at. Now I always pull up right where he can see me. Somewhere in there I think he likes me.

    Two girls live there, they seem kinda grumpy lately, might be a sleep thing, but at least now the dogs muffled a little bit. I'd throw him a bone and make friends, love dogs, but I think he's pretty content to keep his folks up at night for now ;-)

    oh wait
    I'm having a premonition
    its beginning to come clear now
    I see
    I think its an irate dog owner
    they have something in there hands
    looks like a collar of some kind
    yes it is a collar
    its black
    no wait
    its got a leash on it
    oh wow one of the girls just put it on the other girl.
    gotta go
  11. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    And we were doing so well, Hoyt, I think you missed the gist. I turn the annoying people into the annoyed. Its an art form. Its also pretty entertaining to the folks who were annoyed in the first place

    I take it you are against barking collars. They work like a charm and the dogs that end up with them are better for it. Otherwise they might just end up at the pound. Owners are happy, neighbors are sleeping, dogs loved by all. The only trouble I've ever seen with them that I've seen several dogs just to dense to learn the ropes so to speak, at least one owner I know now keeps the offending genius in the basement at night, and I'm pretty sure he hates being ostracized like that, dogs want to be with there people. I think another might have ended up at the pound cause I never see that one any more. The barking collars are basically a life saver for some animals. Some unfortunately are beyond help.


    oh and the one that ended up in the basement learned to show his appreciation by discovering it made a great latrine. I was over there just the other day and it stunk like hell down there. Poor guy, I know he loves that dog but dam.
  12. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

  13. Bamby
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    Bamby Junior Member

    What's happened to the good old fashioned "Hardware Store"? It seems a person can't get parts anymore anywhere to fix anything and keep it going. Sure they all want to sell new often inferior quality or junk but just try to get your hands on some otherwise insignificant component to fix something you already bought and paid for is getting "almost impossible" at least in this area.

    I've actually had to throw away and or replace several perfectly good products , tools, and fixtures because I couldn't source some ten cent part to keep them going.. The latest is an small old cambell hausfield air compressor that they discontinued a simple on/off pressure switch for. It beginning to appear an entire useful old compressor in going into the trash for a ten dollar switch.....
  14. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    Todays moral busting Annoyance..THE SIROCCO. Oh my god, its grotesque outside. 41 degrees, the sea is literally smoking , two hundred meters visibility in dense, heat induced, dust laden mist with a relentless burning sun overhead.. Truly Masochistic.

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  15. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Colon exams are annoying . . .
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