Yanmar LH 240 vs. Cummins 6BTA

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by JosephT, Nov 4, 2010.

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    How much does a injector of a caterpillar cost?

    How difficult to find when even a phone line is not available?

    Grow up, pro´s provide professional service, worldwide.

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    Cost of parts and service is as large as the fuel cost for many Recreational boats.

    The reason is many fluids and service items are done on time installed , not just hours run.

    If the anti freeze needs changing every 2 years , weather its 200 hours or 3000 operating time , its the 2 years that the PM is needed.

    To select an engine I would find out the required maint regime , as well as compare the costs of a rebuild kit , replacement cylinder head or injectors and pump.

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    Isn't Yanmar an aluminum block and other iron. Would go with iron because of corrosion issues....
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    I used two Deutz 1013s with pumps on a large dewatering project a few years back. Very impressive engines. They would make excellent propulsion engines.
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    They are available in marine version:

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    What a load of BS

    My admittedly smaller cummins B3.3 have a definite MADE IN JAPAN badge on them

    They are a Komatsu based engine.

    Below is a list of other cummins stuff NOT made in the usa


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    One of the big factors in the noise of a diesel is the fuel injection system. Go for something with a common-rail system if you can, and avoid direction injection if you want a quiet(er) diesel.

    Most modern diesels now come with an induction silencer - make sure whichever engine you're looking at has a big plastic box / tube on the air intake. This makes a significant difference to the noise.
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