Yamie VX110 drivetrain transplant for 15' AL skiff

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by cahudson42, Nov 24, 2008.

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    Anyone have any opinions - for or against - using the drivetrain (complete, pump and motor) from a WaveRunner VX110 transplanted into a relatively light 15' AL skiff? (Say 900 to 1200 lb displacement loaded incl. VX110 drive train?) Use would be on freshwater with not much chance of sucking up sand or gravel.

    I'm a bit concerned about engine life/durability - seeing the 102 HP spec is rated at 8000 rpm!

    Anyone have the power/torque curve for this thing? How about limiting it to 6000 or less? Meaning with the cube rule I might get 216/512 of the performance out of the pump? 42% of 102HP? - say 40 HP? Wouldn't engine stress - and life - be significantly lengthened? Gerr says 2500fpm piston speed max, 1500fpm desireable. VX110 stroke is 2.28". x 2/12 = .38'/rev. x 6000 = 2280fpm. So not unreasonable? (Did I do this right?)

    I'd be very happy with 20 - 25 knots if this would do it...

    Any and all opinions greatly appreciated - as all alternate suggestions!

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi there,

    my guess is that you would be lucky if it got up plaining, try a larger jet/engine combo may be a lot more relaxing than that screaming and going nowhere fast
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    pump/ motor

    with a good hull it will work fine.here is a 15'7" welded aluminum hull with a 5.5" jbm pump and a 62t 80 hp yamaha motor combo. with 2 guys and some fishing gear it has a top speed of 36-37 mph at 6200 30-32 mph at 5400-5600 rpm www.jetboatsofmontana.com
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