Yamaha 5BS L661 Owners/Repair Manual

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Padmack, Jun 5, 2018.

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    I am looking for an owners or repair manual (general maintenance) for the above. I have trawled the net but have been unable to find a reliable lead. Since the engine seems to be 1980s vintage then I assume an electronic version may not exist. I would be happy to pursue the channel of buying a manual hardcopy, if I can find one.

    I simply want the accurate and type-specific info regarding stripping down and rebuilding as general pointers for other outboard types may mislead me or I might miss something. I like to do things right rather than blunder in and end up with a box of loose parts. The engine is a good runner but I want to clean her up and keep her running so the urgency is off at the moment.

    Any help here would be good.

    Kind regards
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    I have the same problem with manual. This outboard is made since '73 (Products History - History | YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD. https://global.yamaha-motor.com/about/history/products/). My outboard is like new inside, just outside is a bit scratched. Week ago i changed gaskets on the propeller shaft and added new oil. Today i got new spark plug(old was NGK BP6HS, bought the same). Now it is starting and going fine(was a problems with idling and statring). Had a problem with handle, repaired it today(cable tension was faulty). I will try to fully restore it in winter, because no time now.
    I have i problem with spark plug cable, its just bad(i think very old.. the rubber is dead). If i touch the "ground" and the cable- it cuts. I need a new one and i dont know where... Will try to insulate the cable with some electric resistant tape, but i dont think it would help.

    About oil change in transmission:
    There are 3 bolts, top one is oil level bolt, bottom one is for "pulling out" old oil and adding new one. The middle bolt i dont know... I made new seals on those 3 screws myself.
    I changed rubber cover seal, got new one, and used loctite sealant to be sure. Changed bearing too.
    The cost is miserable. ~3 euros bearing, 3euros for gasket each, new seals for 3 bolts ~0.5euro+work with scissors.

    Any help would be very nice...

    Sorry for my bad English, not native.
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    Is that the air-cooled 5 hp engine ? I'm pretty sure that one was also sold under the Mariner brand for some years, and there may have been other brands as well, but I would be looking at Mariner in particular.

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    Yes its air-cooled. I found it in boats.net. I checked visuals, looks the same like my yamaha 5bs 661. Here is the link, may be useful for someone. Mercury - Outboard Parts by Year (Mercury, Mariner, Mark, Force, Chrysler, Sears, SportJet) - Mariner Outboard - 1977 - 7005207 OEM Parts - Boats.net https://www.boats.net/catalog/mercury/outboard-by-year/mariner-outboard/1977/7005207

    Thanks fof help.
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