Yacht "Interior" Design Software?

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    Software for yacht interior design:

    Is anyone aware of any packages to do this? Offline is definitely better for controlling my assets and making sure I don't eventually get priced out of the marketplace, or become a victim of the developer removing his web-application, at some future date.

    The only thing I found that comes close is Vanspace3D (webapp)

    vanspace 3D - #1 Van Design Software https://www.vanspace3d.com/ .

    The assumption being that caravan interiors are similar to yacht interiors, in terms of restricted mobile space.

    I think it might be possible to design a complete catamaran interior, using this software, with the following strategy: select a new van-template for each compartment you're designing.

    I suspect and hope, that the cab, wheels; etc, can be edited out of the final model at some point and the remaining interior modules edited together in the desired yacht configuration.

    Perhaps, custom van templates can be added (feature request); possibly allowing the infiltration of a custom user-designed van template that looks exactly like a yacht of the desired type and dimensions, configuration and number of compartments??
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    You will be able to eliminate the wheels and other typical objects of a caravan but the problem that you must study is if the application that you are going to use to design the interiors is capable of creating and managing the surfaces of the hull of your catamaran, as well as the inner resistant structure of hulls. Otherwise, most, if not all, CAD/CAM packages are capable of designing interiors for catamarans or caravans.
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    I have been using Fusion360 to mock up interior ideas for my weekender...but in a hull that has no accurate 3D records, you will be back to cardboard templates to get pieces to fit in properly.
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