Yacht fairing/'preping for gloss' work wanted

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    Hi, british & work-based at La Ciotat, France with over 7yrs experience. I consider myself to be a positive element in any man's team...more so in the latter stages of Fairing, getting the 'details' sorted, into High/Ultrabuild, knocking it back, 545 & prepping for Gloss.
    Self-Employed, i've enjoyed a 45hr week for the past 4yrs working mainly for Hydra-Sud Services, (www.hydrasud.com) the bulk of work undertaking being tendred-out from the principal Company's based upon the Naval Yard; COMPOSITE WORKS, MONACO MARINE, H2x & SOUTHERN SPARS (Rigging)
    Prior to being 'settled' here at La Ciotat, i'd spent several years on Fairing/Scratch & Gloss projects in Ancona, Italy/ San Fernando, Spain & here in France; St Nazaire, Bordeaux & La Rochelle.

    I'm no stranger to below-waterline Corrosion treatment, Sandblasting (wet & dry), grinding/primers & Antifouling etc and learnt the basics of laminating with the use of rollers on the building of a mould(9.3mtr Tender).

    With regards to painting; i'm more than competent in the applications of primers, Ultrabuild, 545 etc, Gel coating and have some experience of topcoating 'off-boat' pieces.

    If your in a position to offer me work or know of an on-going project in need of an extra pair of hands....you can email me at (wildoignon@yahoo.com)

    I'm not a "beer-monster/power-drinker" & a non-smoker.....PUNCTUAL, RELIABLE & capable of working unsupervised. Bilingual / French + Valid Cherry-Picker licence
    Working outside of France poses no problem as long as accomodation is provided.

    Regards, Paul.

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