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    Yacht fairer/Finisher & Spray Painter, work-based since 2006 upon Europe's most important Mega-Yacht Platform (Chantier Naval, La Ciotat/France), self-employed, Hard working & Competent.
    More than capable of working unsupervised & a positive element whilst working within a Team, i wish to hear off anyone who may be in a position to offer me work during the month's of July, August, upto mid/late September 2014......unable to accept poteintial job-offers outside these dates due to work commitments here in France.

    Key Skills:

    * Re-fairing & Finishing
    * Attention to detail when masking
    * Application of 2-pack Epoxy, Polyurethane & Acrylic paints
    * application of 2/3-pack Varnish, Clear coat & Non-Skid
    * Sandblasting & Sponge Media Blasting, Hulls & off-boat pieces
    * Experienced Cherry Picker & Scissor-Platform operator

    Fairing & painting gave me the opportunity to have worked in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Dubai & in 2013 Colombo, Sri Lanka (90mtr M/Y LAUREN 'L' , complete Hull respray/Awlgrip)
    Enjoy travelling & more than happy to work anywhere in the World. British, bilingual/french & if an E-mail address is provided, a current C.V+references will be provided upon request along with strong photographic proof of my 'activities' within the Mega-Yacht Business.

    Thankyou off....."a hard working Brit who takes PRIDE in his work!!
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