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    Projects wanted - From full design downwards - competetive rates - UK based
    Yacht Designer (Southampton Institute graduate 1990)

    My very brief CV:-
    5 years with Thanos Condylis at C&S Yacht Designs (Yacht designers & Naval Architects)
    5 years with John Munford design (Interior design & Exterior styling)
    1 1/2 years with Dixon Yacht design (Yacht designers & Naval Architects)
    and the last 1 1/2years working as HI_DESign (Yacht & Boat design)

    CAD 2D & 3D visualistion, Hull Design, Structural design, Weight estimates, Keel & Rudder Design, General Marine Engineering etc...
    Full CV & samples of work supplied upon request.

    E-mail info@hidesignyacts.co.uk or Call UK 02380554598
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