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    Internationally recognized yacht design firm, based in Stuart, Florida,
    specializing in the exterior and interior design of large yachts, as well
    as, production yachts, is looking for experienced interior yacht designers.
    We are in need of drafstpeople with knowledge in the preparation of interior
    and exterior construction drawings including; interior elevations, sections,
    joinery details, deck arrangements, lighting plans, interior presentation
    boards, interior perspectives (both hand and computer generated) and 3d
    rhino modeling. Experience with autocad, rhino, photoshop and other
    pertinent sowftware a must.
    If interested, please visit our web site at www.espinosainc.com to see
    samples of our design work.
    We are looking for hard working people that would like to make a career in
    the field of MegaYacht design.
    Please submit samples of your work and salary requirements to

    You can also call me at (772)287-4925 office.
    JC Espinosa
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