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    Dixon Yacht Design is one of the Worlds leading yacht design companies and is looking to recruit a new member to the design team, to be involved in the design of a wide range of both production and custom projects.

    We are looking for a creative motivated individual, qualified to degree level or the equivalent. The applicant should have a comprehensive 3D modelling and visualisation skills, in Solidworks, 3D studio Max, Lightwave (or similar programs).

    The successful applicant will work as part of a team and will be tasked primarily with creating both exteriors and interiors in 3D. They should have a technical appreciation of engineering issues, and practical knowledge production boat building is beneficial. They will be required to project manage projects and liaise and visit clients as required.

    The successful applicant will be part of a small dynamic team and will have the opportunity to be involved in wide range of challenging projects.

    Please forward CV's to info@dixonyachtdesign.com
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