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Discussion in 'Software' started by RThompson, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I am thinking about using Catia for a final year Nav Arch project (24m sailing yacht). I have read various discussions on how applicable (or not) Catia is to yacht design and now I'm feeling a bit discouraged, especially as I have Rhino, Acad, Maxsurf etc under my belt already.
    However, I am also aware of how long design changes take in the non parametric/no history CAD packages. Also, there is some value for my CV in learning Catia.
    So, with some trepidation, I am looking out for some Catia tutorials relevant to yacht/ship design. Tutorials, papers, methods, anything that might help would be appreciated.
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    You can get training bundles for just about everything here

    I know a bloke here who uses Catia and has all sorts of trouble getting drawings out so maybe do a quick test of that before you get too far with your modelling. He has to export to autocad so the parametric advantage is lost at that point.

    I agree though, parametric design is the best way to go.
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    I'm learning catia at the moment using the following product its not east but very powerfull


    If your going to buy it check ebay as they use to sell market it here for less than the website. I think there may be a discount for introduction to so e-mail me. I am not connected with this product at all. Good luck!
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