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    If you are in need of yacht design services, I offer the following:

    - 3D modeling for machining and tooling
    - exterior styling / interior space planning (conceptual through final design)
    - detailed interior joinery drawings
    - FRP construction / engineering
    - hull design
    - 2D drafting and raster-to-cad services (AutoCAD2000)

    Other services are available.

    I am a graduate of the WESTLAWN SCHOOL OF YACHT DESIGN with fifteen plus years professional experience in fiberglass / composite yacht design - Classic and Contemporary.

    You may view examples of my styling work at the following web sites:

    - 64' RPH M/Y (www.grandbanks.com)
    - 90' EXPEDITION M/Y (www.cheoyleena.com)

    Your inquiries are welcome.


    E-mail: slaega@peoplepc.com
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