Yacht Design Grad (Landing School) / Mechanical Engineer seeking opportunities

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by sc0, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I'm a Canadian mechanical engineer with 5 years of design/engineering experience, and a recent diploma in small-craft design from the Landing School. Living in Vancouver, BC (Canada), and seeking employment or contract work in the Pacific Northwest. Can consider tele-commuting if the fit is right. Experienced in dealing with Aluminum fabrication and design work. Expert Solidworks user, fluent in Rhino, Autocad, Fastship, Orca. Able to manage design/build work with local fabricators.

    My portfolio is available online at www.borstad.ca - please contact me with any questions whatsoever.


    Scott Borstad, B.Eng, EIT
    Small Craft / Marine / Mechanical Design
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Hi ,

    I have a project 100 ft Fast ferry that I wish to convert to a luxary 1930 style yacht for whale watching and fish dive base in Ghana. Looking for someone to draught the design quainty survay and I would like to get the alimuium pre cut off shore as much as possible .
    Let me know if you would consider a coup0le of months in Ghana
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