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    SEAFORTH MARINE GROUP seeking YACHT DESIGNER/DRAFTSMAN/NAVAL ARCHITECT/MARINE ENGINEER/MECHANICAL ENGINEER/ELECTRICAL ENGINEER needed to work on a variety of boat design projects, ranging from 36’-250’. Applicant must be highly motivated, versatile in design capabilities from naval architecture to joinery design. Needs strong CAD skills, knowledge of different construction processes, proficient in design and sketching. Send resume to: Seaforth Marine Group, 23352 Fisherman Rd, Maple Ridge, BC, V2W 1B9, Canada. Tel:604.466.7094, Fax:604.466.7098, Email:jhebner@seaforthmarine.com.
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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    Dear Sirs,

    I can offer to you consultancies concerning hydrodynamic for high/medium speed craft.

    Please have a look on my web :


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    Consultation Available....

    I would be available to help conceptualize your project for the size yachts you have in mind. Exterior and interior styling as well as floor plans for said boat are also avail; as well as visual presentations for the concept in various formats including photoshop, illustrator, cad, rhino and solidworks.

    christoher garcia

    email pref. garciayachtdesigns@hotmail.com
    or call 561-909-8263
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