yacht deadweight coefficient

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by NAstudent, Sep 22, 2022.

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    Hello, Everyone! Im a NA student. I'm about to design a yacht. Can someone help me? im looking for a deadweight coefficient of yacht. I dont have deadweight thats why i cant comoute for my Cd. Thank you!
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    Never heard of dead weight coefficient. How is it defined?
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    Im calculating my preliminary particulars for new vessel.
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    Welcome to the Forum NAstudent.

    I presume that this is part of an assignment that you have been given?
    If so, can you quote here the full text of what you have been asked to do?

    I think that the deadweight coefficient might be the ratio of the deadweight (ie the weight of all the consumables and stores, and crew / passengers and their belongings, and maybe even some 'cargo') to the displacement at the load draft?
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    Passenger ships are usually in the 0.2-0.4 range.

    The real problem with yachts is their build and use case, a carbon foam racing boat is different from a steel long range cruising boat. To get a reasonable estimate one can use the number of berths (warm bodies) and asume a typical load (for the use case) per capita, for example 1t.

    So what are you designing and how many people on your boat? Yacht is to generic, can be a 6.5m Minitransat or a 24m steel motoryacht loaded with toys.
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