Yacht construction manager wanted for urgent - South China , Tricon Marine.

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by tricon, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. tricon
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    Yacht construction manager wanted.

    Tricon Marine is a 100% Canadian owned and operated shipyard working in their brand new purpose built shipyard located in Zhuhai, PRC. Tricon Marine is dedicated to delivering expertise and premium quality not available anywhere else in Asia. Tricon’s goal is to become known around the world as the shipyard of choice when buyers, designers, and brokers are looking for the finest yacht construction and finish for their next yacht project.

    now we are seeking a senior construction manager for urgent for our 70 and 80 feet project.


    1. Continue to build & strengthen team beneath him
    2. Quality assurance’
    4. Inspections of yachts under construction
    5. Coordination of design team
    6. Allocation of foremen and workers to different projects
    7. Coordination of launches of yachts
    8. Production supervision
    9. Tool acquisitions

    1. Knowledge of yacht design and construction completely
    2. Experience in building yachts above 78 feet (24m) in length.
    3. 8 years or above experience in the yacht busniess.
    4. Be able to draw on Autocad program
    5. Good English spoken and written skills addition to Mandarin

    Interested parties please file your full resume with your present package and expected package by email to pattyhuang@triconmarine.com.
    We offer competitive remuneration and good career prospect to the right candidate. All information collected will be for recruitment purpose only.

    More info: please visit: www.triconmarine.com
  2. Etlon Nolte
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    Etlon Nolte Job Seeker

    Boat Builder China

    Am currently in China, if you have any positions available
  3. vinafk
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    vinafk Junior Member

    Be careful about doing business with the Chinese.. full of cheater there . I have personally seen such beatutifull website but the no original company in china.. asking for dealing with them. hate those chinese.
  4. Etlon Nolte
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    Etlon Nolte Job Seeker

    Sorry my friend I have been living here for 4 years, found them to be honest , helpful, kind considerate . yes you have some cheaters , but those you find anywhere in the world.
    Do not judge a whole country on a limited experience . they gave some of the best designers , and craftsmanship I have seen.
  5. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    ***Are you looking for expats or Chinese national only: refer to English as well as Mandarin language skills
  6. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    Nice sentiments...so this heartfelt racial condemnation is based on exposure to Chinese website, you need to get out more sport, visit the real world,perhaps even travel to China, meet the people (who may even like you).

    I'm an Aussie/Kiwi, lived in China, lucky enough to have a very gracious Dalinese wife and fortunate to have many life long Chinese friends that I'd chose any day over a longboat deckie.
  7. tunnels

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    I to have just come back to nz from working in China and was treated almost like royalty . Be honest and loyal to the company you are working for and you will gain respect.
    Trust that you are not there to rip them off in any way shape or form and you will be rewarded with respect .
    Love Chinese women !!!!:D
  8. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    You get what you give !! If you had bad dealings then you probably deserved what you got . :confused:
  9. Etlon Nolte
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    Etlon Nolte Job Seeker

    Agree with Swabbie and Tunnels. communication is at the beginning hard, but once we let go of the paradigms enforced on us by our own culture , and start to understand that they walk a different route have different opinions, and respect them, then you actually learn, I have been here 4 years , and can honestly say its the best place t be at the moment. here kids still can play, all doors are not locked, people greet each other and really talk, do not stare at the TV, family has meaning, friendships are earned and kept for life, just finding work is a bit hard.
  10. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Do you have any Jobs availible ?? please !!
  11. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    Hi Tunnels,

    Wasting your time old son, neither Tricon or Patty have the courtesy to reply to emails or posts; i.e. do they want a bilingal expat = $$$$ or a Chinese national/ex national with english and over seas experience = slightly less $$$

    Are you still in China, specialize in what area of boat building
  12. Alik
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  13. Tackwise
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    Almost certian a photo shop,
    The text is rounded in one photo, the next straight.....

    The logo on the gate seems to be in order.

    Probably just like the models, making the picture perfect....

    They should have put some more effort in it here...
  14. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    I never really exspected a reply anyway but thats life !!

    Yeah i am back in China and picking up the pieces again even after a short time away ,they are getting in the squishy stuff !! so I arrived back after being in the UK for 16 days .

    Boat building in Fibre glass is my specialty Or you could say im a fibreglass boat builder which ever !.
    Can build with wood as well just have a elligy for some of the woods and the glues they use , Bugger !!
    My forte are tunnel boats and things what go fast !!
    Inboard or outboard what ever !!
    if it does over 80 mph im smiling !!
    If it will fly the smile is even bigger !!
    Have even been known to smile i little onboard a Yacht thats really cranking but thats to much hard work !

  15. swabbie

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    Hi Tunnels

    I went back to New Zealand where i was Born and raised for 60 years! Its not my home anymore !! I went to the UK where my ancesters came from

    We share similar generation, pedigree and pilgrimage.

    Send your email address to operations@orlops.com, I'll contact you re. China

    #Spamers - email address eveaporates after I get reqd email so don't bother
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