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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Jonny3777, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Hi all new here, I have an idea for a boat design and I'm looking for your opinions and advice on it. My background is in aviation and although hydrodynamics and aerodynamics share similar principle, they are two different sports entirely. I've attached some pictures for you guys too look at. The first is the actual boat that I plan to modify. She is 27ft long draft of about 3.7ft and a beam of about 10ft 100% fiberglass hull. I plan to turn it into a twin deck yacht to live on. I've been flirting with this idea for some time now but it's now time for me to go for it I feel. Now before I go any further I know a lot will say just buy a bigger boat, but the fact is I can't afford a €500,000 yacht which is what I've seen priced here in Ireland the size in which I intend to build. Besides I want to build it anyway. Worth mentioning that it will be used on inland lakes and rivers, calm waters NO SEA SAILING AT ALL! So my plan is to extend the hull at the front by 6ft without chopping the front at all, it will be an extension made from fiberglass and timber. The reason is so I can bring the cabin forward to slope to the original bow of the boat to create more living space inside. The dock at the stern is for the tender boat, the dock will be 6ft fiberglass also and fixed to plastic cylinders for extra buoyancy at the rear and also an entry point as there will be a door at the rear. The sides will have 27ft x 4ft x 2ft fiberglass hollow shells reinforced timber mounted either side and contoured to the boat for greater stability. From the main deck up the cabin will be 8ft high. The total finished size would be 39ft x 14ft. Now my question is in practice will it work? The drawings are a rough guideline as to what I'm trying to illustrate. I will be doing professional CAD drawings and maybe even a 3D printed model. For now though this is what I have. The other Idea was too buy a hull mold (last picture) also, 17ft x 7ft and make 2 shells and join them together but not sure which is the best approach. What do you guys think?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Do your CAD modeling first and post it here, as these sketches don't show anything particularly useful.
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    I am sorry to say it would far cheaper to just buy a bigger boat .I think there will be plenty of boats in the caribbean needing a little cosmetic
    work after irma . Many boats you are just paying the price of the extras the hull and topsides is free
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    It is pretty difficult to cobble together a coherent whole from things built for a specific, but quite different purpose. I have no doubt it would be easier to build something from scratch, that agrees with your tastes, than a patchwork conglomeration that will be a talking point at your local pub, but not much else. Or as NZboy says, buying an existing vessel should be investigated..

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    It could be a fun project but probably a complete waste as far as having a half decent boat at the end of it. Have you seen Bill Trafford's work? He specialises in converting one type of boat in to another Alchemy Marine - Home http://www.alchemy-marine.com/
    There is a long abandoned aluminium sports fisher hull of about 40ft which was under water but otherwise isn't in too bad a shape near Baltimore something like that would maybe make a better base for your project?
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