x1 cabover hydroplane

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by ollygibson, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I have just started my x1 hydroplane from plans bought on-line. This is my first boat build so i would greatly appreciate any advice from any of ye seasoned pros out there. I am a cabinet maker of almost 20 years so i hope my experience will get me through. I have the cross frames cut out for now. I decided to cut these from the highest grade 18mm marine ply as opposed to western spruce recommended by the (old science and mechanics illustrated) plans. I expect this to increase rigitity, am i doing the right thing? I would prefair to learn from other peoples mistakes on this one wherever i can rather than mess up expensive material. If anyone out there has built an x1 i'd love any construction photos or any advice. thanks.......ollie
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    My email client is not working so off topic your reply to your email is as follows:-

    Hi Olly,
    Now you are pushing it... I was sailing in Perth 1977~1978 when I was at W.A.I.T (Now Curtin University) I think we left the keel down as it was a heavy brute of a mongrel and used a ratchet winch as is used on trailers to manually wind the boat out of the water, always fully down and never locked...

    Those are really vague memories and I preferred the forward deck work - more fun and action particularly when the 120% genoa and flat cut spinnaker were flying in a broad reach or tacking downwind - literally "hummed"...

    I skippered when we were racing outside as I feared the additional traffic in the Swan, She had weather helm but quite comfortable until significantly overcanvassed (I broached a couple of times :D)...

    I hope this helps, better chance of info if you get in contact with Richard Court (ex-premier of WA and son of Ex-Premier) - Him and his brother were the manufacturers (Well it was a family business)...

    Wow, BD.net says you are in Ireland, Monaghan - OK I know where Ireland is - close enough images make it look absolutely splendid... Quite intriguing that a Court 750 got way over there...

    Here are my websites... Please use only -masalai- on the net...



    Best wishes
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