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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by skunkie, Dec 28, 2007.

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    skunkie New Member


    I suck in english but here we go...

    my brother`s got an wyn mill 1 that our father had for 16 yers...
    and we were wondering if enyone has got some info...
    apperantly it`s the test hull for the penta drive...

    and second...we want one in fiberglass....
    is that possible...are there any out there?...

    or if anyone have a formula jr. thunderbird...got fond of that one..
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    I have never seen in person the famed wyn mill but my dad has,,he was with an outfit that imported the volvo drives in the 60's and did a lot of the early installs for various builders in florida. it was an amazing time to be a boating kid in miami,,playing in biscayne bay in my 17' wellcraft and fat four gale outboard I saw a lot of test boats blow by me! I currently have an early 1965 formula jr that appears to have local racing history but the very limited info available has delayed my restoration for years as I would like to restore it to race colors but can not find any pictures from that era of formula jr's. A friend of mine in alabama has a 1966 production formula jr that he repowered from 155hp 225 ci buick omc to 327 chevy/volvo 270,,and has entertained thought of selling now and then,,I can contact him if you like,,also you can google formula jr and thunderbird boats and formula boats and find some obscure out of date threads. can you post some wyn mill pic's?,,the only one I have is in a 60's volvo brochure..best of luck,,juniortoo.
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