World's fastest flat's boat

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    Does anyone know?
  2. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Maybe it would Allison?

    Bass and Sport Boat World Speed Records

    October 1987 National Outboard Association 1/8 mile course w/electronic timing

    No weight restrictions Two-way average mph

    Bass Boats

    Stock 120

    Stock 150

    Stock 175

    Stock 200

    Mod 200

    Sport Boats

    90-100 cu. In.
    15' Race

    Mod VP


    October 1996 American Power Boat Assoc. 5/8 mi. 2 way average

    Weight restricted classes

    Bass Boats

    Stock 150 EFI

    Stock 175 EFI

    Stock 200 EFI

    Low Emissions 200

    Modified 200


    April 1999 American Power Boat Assoc. Drag Race 1/4 mile

    Bass & Ski

    Pro Fuel
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    There's a new kid on this block - well actually it's one of the oldest, just with a new toy.
    Mercury racing recently released pictures on its latest bass boat powerhouse. A gas turbine outboard!
    Unfortunately, I can't recall all the details, but I can tell that it was expected to be bloody quick!!:eek:
  4. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Thanks Will,

    That I had not seen before!

    Engine: Allison Rolls Royce 250 Gas Turbine
    Power: 320 hp @ 52,000 rpm
    Output RPM: 6,000 rpm
    Torque: 425 ft lbs @ 2,000 rpm
    Compressor speed: 54,000 rpm
    Fuel: Diesel, Kerosene, Jet A
    Lubrication: Dry-sump/ 3.5 quarts turbine oil

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  5. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Concept Mercury Turbine Outboard Powered Bass Boat to be Displayed at Bass Masters Classic

    Concept Mercury Turbine Outboard Powered Bass Boat
    --Efficient Engine Design Delivers Exceptional Power to Weight Ratio
    -- Platform For New World Bass Boat Speed Record

    Fond du Lac, WI - Mercury Racing of Fond du Lac, WI, Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) of Franklin, LA and Bryant Enterprises of Maryville, TN have teamed up to develop a concept turbine outboard powered high performance bass boat. The experimental outboard features a Rolls Royce Allison 250 series gas turbine engine mounted to a Mercury Racing 2.5 EFI Offshore outboard center section and 1.62:1 gear ratio Sport Master gearcase. This one- of-a-kind turbine outboard-powered Stroker bass boat will undergo tests in the near future in preparation to set a new American Power Boat Association (APBA) world bass boat speed record.

    Overcoming water resistance requires the continuous operation of marine engines at 70 percent or more of their full power in order to maintain cruising speeds. Similarly, aviation engines also experience continuous operation above 70 percent of their available power in order to keep an aircraft flying. Current availability of surplus aircraft turbine engines, which can be refurbished at reasonable cost, has brought turbines into the marine propulsion picture. The turbine engine, designed to run continuously at high power settings and on multiple fuels, is very reliable due to no reciprocating parts. In addition, it provides a higher power-to- weight ratio in a smaller size than either diesel or gasoline engines.

    A production version of the turbine-powered Mercury Racing Outboard could be a perfect alternative power source for U.S. Navy special operations forces as a substitute for gasoline powered outboard motors.

    MTT founder Ted McIntyre is well known for his design of highly competitive turbine powered offshore race boats. Founded in 1990, MTT has perfected its knowledge of marine turbine installations and often is referred to as the marine turbine experts. Their engines have been featured in several government demonstrations to promote the feasibility and benefits of using turbine engines in government patrol boats and various military craft.

    Stroker Boats founder Charles "Chub" Bryant, doing research on the bass boat market in the mid 1980s, found a need for a high qualilty, purpose built high performance bass boat. Bryant has an extensive background in racing and high performance. His career expands three decades of automobile racing, including drag, oval track and off- road racing. During his research of the high performance bass boat market, people said "with your racing background and performance knowledge, why don't you design your own boat?"

    Bryant resides in East Tennessee, where the high performance bass boat originated. His goal was to build a boat that not only performs well at high speeds but one that can also handle rough water and is stable in tight turns. After two years and thousands of man hours, the Stroker bass boat hull design was completed. The high performance 21-foot boat, with an exceptionally wide 94 ½"-inch beam, provides a stable, wide deck for anglers to fish from, carries a full tournament load and is easy to drive.

    MTT/Mercury Racing Turbine Outboard Specifications

    Horsepower 400 Engine
    Rolls Royce Allison 250 series gas turbine/Mercury Racing
    2.5 EFI Offshore Outboard
    Engine Weight Approx: 140 lbs. (less center section and gearcase)
    Fuel Diesel, kerosene jp4
    Charging System 150 Amp DC generator
    Stroker 21 Bass Boat - Standard Features
    Standard 3 Color Boat / Built to order
    Limited 5 Year Hull Warranty
    Uniquely Styled Instrument Panel
    8000 RPM Tack
    100 MPH Speedometer
    Water Pressure Gauge
    Fuel Gauge
    Trim Gauge
    Flip up hide away bow panel
    Fiberglass Stringer System
    Fiberglass floor board
    Sea Star Pro Hydraulic Steering System with 1500 PSI Kevlar Braided Hoses
    Special Designed and Custom tailored Marine Upholstered Seats
    2 Matching Pedestal Seats of your choice
    Bass or Saddle seats
    Adjustable rising / sliding driver seat
    Wired for 12/24 Trolling motor with #6 gauge wire
    100 % Composite Constriction
    Plush Marine carpeting
    Large Carpeted bow storage area
    Removable glove box
    Lockable storage compartments with aluminum lids
    Foam insulated cooler
    Large Tournament approved double lid divided livewell
    500 GPH Mayfair livewell fill pump
    Quick change cartridge pump operates on manual or timer control
    Livewell recirculating system with timer controlled quick change 500 GPH pump
    Manual or automatic Bilge Pump with quick change 500 GPH pump
    Live well and cooler drain control
    3 Battery trays tied into 1/8" aluminum glassed in Bow and Stern lights
    Courtesy lights
    38 Gal. Fuel Tank

    Stroker 21 Bass Boat Specifications
    100% Hand laid Deck and Hull - AME 4000 Resin
    Fuel Capacity 38 Gallons
    Overall Length 21 feet
    Beam 94 ½ inches
    Weight w/ Turbine Outboard 2400 lbs. powered bass boats.htm

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    Word has it that a small boat manufacturer in Texas has set out to build the world's number one performing flats boat. Right now there proto type is reaching speeds in excess of 80 MPH with a 225 Mercury and they plan on increasing to 300 HP to break 100 MPH. I haven't actualy seen the boat but heard from a friend that owns one of their ski boats here on Lake Austin, which by the way is a SKI PRO the world's number one performing ski boat and a real screamer. He said that it's a cat design with a vented step much like an off shore boat, but flatents out in the back and has a raised tunnel to run shalow. I can't remember the name of the boat it's called Flat Cat or Salt Cat or something like that. The manufacturer is Marine TEC which builds Ski Pro boats, so if you do a search on Ski Pro you could probably get in touch with them. They always hit the Austin and San Antonio boat shows and are supposed to be debuing the boat at the San Antone show. Hope that helps. If anyone knows anymore, or finds out anymore please let me know.
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