World Sailing League

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Vega, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Vega
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    Vega Senior Member

    It will be a success, or a flop? What do you think?

    "Cayard, Coutts and Lagos announce World Sailing League

    New global series underwritten, first event in 2009

    Sailing legends Russell Coutts and Paul Cayard have teamed up with internationally renowned Portuguese sports promoter, João Lagos, to create a new annual global sports series. The World Sailing League (WSL) will be held at premier sailing locations around the world with the series winner receiving a cheque for $2 million.

    Twelve teams, representing nations, will compete in identical, state-of-the-art 70ft catamarans. It is anticipated that there will be venues in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America. Cayard and Coutts are both committed to skipper teams in the league2.
  2. DGreenwood
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    Yawn...They had me all excited and they announced this! Don't get me wrong, I love multis as much as anyone. They are just not going to attract any more of an audience than the ORMAs did, maybe less, because they are one design. And the whole thing is going to be insanely expensive. These guys have lost track of reality when it comes to the cost.
    Oh well, I wish them luck but I think it will flop before it starts.
  3. Doug Lord

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    I hope it succeeds but I have serious doubts. One thing is for sure though: if the boats really are one design then it will be a LOT LESS expensive for teams to be involved as compared to a full on development class. Development, at that size,(or almost any size today) is frightfully expensive but the contribution of new ideas to the excitement of the event would be substantial, in my opinion.
    As in any one design class the boats can be left in the dust by new developments likely reducing interest in the event. Maybe there could be a one design platform with rig and foils open?
  4. K4s
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    This is a great idea and deserves to work.The problem I see with it is the size of the boats.
    If the idea is to create interest in yacht racing amongst the general public,it needs to be easily accessable ie.close to population and close to shore.
    Fast,modern cats are a good choice but 70 foot boats need a lot of room to sail in and a close to shore course is not likely to happen.What depth of water do these things need when sailing with the boards down?
    How much space will they need to sail?
    Does this size mean that there is unlikely to be any races easily seen from shore?
    As I have said,great idea and I hope it works because if it does there will be some spectacular sights to be seen.
  5. PI Design
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    I'm not convinced. I think the boats are too big (too expensive and not as much fun to watch) and the whole thing will die a death as soon as the sailors have other commitments like AC or the Volvo. Other than that, it sounds very similar to the V40's. The big names must help it though, I suppose.
  6. Trevlyns
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    I’m sick to death of the super elite with their super yachts. It means absolutely nothing!
    What we need is a round the world rally for home built yachts with real “normal” crews like the guys who use this forum. Any takers?

  7. Vega
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    Vega Senior Member

    Well, I am with the ones that think it is going to be a Flop:(

    I mean, the idea of a World Class League is great, but coming like that, from nowhere, it just does not make sense to me.

    To create an international World League, the first thing you have to warranty is that the best world professional sailors would be there. For that you have to listen what they think it should be such an event and you have to listen also the big world sail sponsors, that know better what the public is interested in. That's the only way of having an event worth that title.

    Without huge amounts of money and that means a huge Public interest, an event like this will just be one more, (if he succeeds to take of). It will not deserve the title of World Sailing League, and that's a pity because I think that professional sail racers have the conditions to have a Professional League, with an international Calendar.
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