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    I Have Modelled A Containership In Maxsurf And I Have Now Transfered It To Workshop To Add Stiffeners, Frames Etc. The Thing Is That The Maxsurf Model Is Made Up Of 3 Surfaces (1 For The Fwd Part, 1 For The Midpart And 1 For The Aft One). As A Result Each Waterline Produced Is Devided In Three Parts. Now, When I Try To Insert A Deck In Workshop, The Program Requires That The Deck Is Defined By One Single Continuous waterline Around The Ship. The Same Is Aslo Prescribed In Workshop's Manual (in The "deck Limitations" Chapter). So The Program Does Not Allow Me To Insert Any Decks. Is There A Way To Surmount This Issue?
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    wow onlu A CONTAINER SHIP!! CANT YOU GO for a ulcc/ jus kidding cant help. :))
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