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Discussion in 'Education' started by Tulum Maritime, Apr 2, 2004.

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    I am definately glad to have found this forum as we are starting up a maritime center in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico and need both help and support. We are starting with a restoration on a 35-foot Garden ketch (Mariner 35), constructed in inferior mahaogany in Japan in 1965 and beached here in Tulum about 2 months back.
    The idea is to teach, through a local nonprofit, the design, repair and restoration of the boat to Mayans who are about to be run over by the tourism machine of Mexico. There are about to be built here marinas which means jobs. There is no way to stop that onslaught but at least maritime jobs can be had by the local population in place of importing outsiders. This is a fragile biosphere along this Mayan Riviera and the center is one way to address the harsh implications of standard Mexican tourism. We are about to start the research and production of traditional Mayan canoas both ocean going and river-canal designs. We want to build them in both the traditional ways and cold molding. We need assistance in the teaching of both projects. In return we can put people up in resorts or homes, provide food and a little salary. Please consider the relationships to be made in an area that will develop rapidly.
    My name is Ross, please respond.
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    Ross, you might try (or maybe it's .edu). They teach the sorts of skills you probably want, and it's possible that some graduates might like some time in the sun. Good luck, it sounds like a worthwhile program.
  3. H.E. Ross

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    Tulum Center for Maritime Studies

    Thank you Ed for your reference. This is the type of networking we need over in our part of the hemisphere, as long as the electricity holds out. Tulum is really a surprize for most people. If you are in the area please contact me and we will try to show you the area.
  4. Pe


    Can you give us a little more history on your background as well as a little more info on the beached '65 vintage Garden ketch. Has the boat been abandonded on the beach? Who has title?

    R. Gillette P.E.


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    Good for you for taking on this project. Sounds like you are doing the right thing for those people. I don't know when I'll next make it to Q Roo, but I'd be happy to help however I can when I come. I also might be able to help out with getting materials down to you.

    Drop me a line: cctna 'at'
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