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    suleq Navigare necesse est...


    We are small company from Poland. Now We are producing six types of sailing boats and one type of motorboat.

    We are looking for yacht designer with open mind to prepare new project which will start a new line of our boats. Project will be based on our new hull (main dim. 6,9 x 2,50 m).

    We want to find someone who will prepare an overall design (without construction, without calculations etc - only design - apperance).

    Hope that I will find someone interested - You can be a student or a professional designer.

    You can contact us directly by mail - bartosz(at) or throught this forum.

    Thank You.
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    Zapraszam do obejrzenia mojej strony internetowej z wykonanymi projektami. Jak będziecie zainteresowania to proszę o kontakt
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