Women on subs

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by JLIMA, May 24, 2010.

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    I served my entire time in submarines and i can tell you living that close to everyone you learn and see things you'd rather forget about the rest of the crew. There are privacy issues enough with all male crews, i can't see how integrating the crews would be beneficial to the operation of the boat (not to bash women, the best seaman I've ever met was in fact female, and was in all regards more capable than myself) now do i think they should be allowed on subs sure but I think all male and all female crews would be more apt to maintain the efficiency of the crews. Just maybe not on a Boomer.... 140 women on the rag with alot of nucs ....just seems like asking for it to me ...regardles of how many safeties are involved ...
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    You would need one guy to keep the peace and act as an ambassador just like any office environment:p
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    Poor guy. Well, if all wiemen go on submarines, just imagine how much advancement would take place for the duration :D

    Males in general make for better whatever's, they become the best chefs, clothing designers, decorators etc etc. It's a fact. Not saying females cannot be good also, they can be excellent.

    Male and female brains develop different, the one brain lob of the man is usually larger than the other, whilst with females they develop about even. For males it offers the advantage of being able to focus more on ONE thing (doesn't this surprise you) while females have an added emotional side to their logic which buggers a lot of things up for them.

    Of course we are designed different, but that is so the one is supposed to compensate for the other. The only place it doesn't work most of the time is with boats, surprise surprise, you want and she refuses but we all know that. I'm pretty sure it must be a defect in the female brain :D
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    I see no major problems with it as long as it doesn't become an "agenda" item like womens naval aviation did. Look at how many that killed. As long as they earn thier dolphins like eveyone else, the only issues are the ever occuring interpersonal stuff that needs to be weeded out quickly in a small crew like a subs. Unlike a bird farm, there is no ability to have them go sit in different corners for the rest of the cruise. Of course I have heard the navy only talking about one or two in the wardroom for now; there will be some PO'd E-8's if they take over the goat locker for half a dozen, or you would need to get 40-50 through sub school first before you could fill one of the berthing compartments.

    FWIW, at the naval shipyards, we have been sending women out, usually in pairs, on subs as sea trials riders for the past 20 years. The boats and squadrons don't like it but it is doable.
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    From what I've experience with the female riders that get sent out (they were all commissioned) there was only one that i can honestly say has any right to be on a sub. She completed the entire qual-card in a single patrol and actual stood watch which is a far cry from the usual NUBs that are the normal for the female riders that have been sent out, more concerned about being on a sub that being a submariner, there is a difference. Riders unlike crew can't be pushed to qualify the same way and for the most part the 6 females that were sent down with us were the worst. There's no room for a double standard when there's only 140 people on board, 1 person can hose the watch bill for an entire department. BTW NUB= Non Useful Body ...

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    To say nothing of what the 3 officers that will lose their state room to the single female, having instead to go into the much less accommodating bunk room 1.
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