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Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by BostonBoater, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I am a new boater and have added a new stereo system to my 18 ft Bayliner.

    I have 3 amps under the passenger cubby and 6 bose speakers in the boat

    2 right in the bow which don't whine
    2 mid boat which whine when I turn my boat on to Drive
    2 of the stern which whine as well when I turn the boat on to drive

    My question is I think I have a grounding problem in which the engine is emmitting enough energy to compromise the speaker wire and create the whine.

    What if any suggestions might some of you have to correct this situation? Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Reckon you got a gasoline engine? With spark plugs it's allways a possibility to leaking radiowave inteference (or something named about like that :rolleyes: ) Anyway if this the case the speakers closest the engine get the most of the disturbance, and it's easy to repair with a new set of plug wires and hats. In the worst case also the distributor cap.. Or you can chance to Diesel engine:p
    If there's a grounding problem it should affect to all speakers... Ithink...
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    You need to change your spark plug wires to "Spark Suppression" wires. Stop by the local parts store an get some good grade wires (almost all now are spark suppression). Toss in new plugs, rotor and cab while you're at it, as it's likely in need of a tune up anyway. You also could be picking up some RF from other sources. If this is the case, you'll probably want to have an audio person look over your system, it's a reasonably easy fix, most of the time.

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    I appreciate the info that sounds like it would work.
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