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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by razzor72, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I just got a 17ft stren craft ob. i need to rewire the whole thing. can you help me with diagrams that i can print out to work with? i cant seem to find anything on line. help.
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    Hi Razzor,

    The first reference I'd suggest you get is Nigel Calder's "Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual" (ISBN 0-07-143238-8) which covers most of what you need to know to make sense of a boat's wiring system. Once you've read the first eight chapters, you should be able to sketch out a wiring schematic (including cable sizes, colours, etc.) that is appropriate for the particular combination of equipment you have on your boat.

    The other reference that will come in handy is the shop manual for your engine, which will include such useful details as what wires go to what terminals and gauges when hooking up the motor.
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