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    Hi i have a screen wiper to connect only no instructions, its a marine ss it has 3 connections on the side it has + and - and a s i think is switch, how do i go about connecting it to my panel.
    Thank you
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    It depends, One is positive to drive a speed, it may have 2 speeds and it even may have park. More info needed
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    Post a picture of the unit, maybe a model number and make too. A two speed motor will usually have 3 wires. The - wire goes to the negative bus on your distribution panel, the two positive go to a 2P2T switch. Most of these motors are self parking, but some will have an extra wire for park.
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    " Boat Design Forums > Design > Stability"

    This is here..why?
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    There are 2 circuits possible.
    With B+ and B- connected, the motor runs continuously. With B+ connected to "i" instead of + the motor completes only one swipe (type A). Other brands have B- connected to "i" for single swipe operation (type B).
    To find out which one you have, momentarily power the + and - to make the motor leave its end position. Then measure the resistance between - and "i". If the reading is zero, your wiper is type B.
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