Winterizing and prop info/cuddy layouts or pics

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    I have a 4.3 inboard with out drive. To winterize this boat engine what should I buy for doing this. Where do I find fogging spray. Also would a prop change give me more speed. If so what brands and pitch. Last of all I have a 6ft cuddy with a deck hatch and a window on each side. where can I find layouts for a 20ft boat. Right now it is just carpet no cushions. Any pics would be great.
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    Welcome to the forum shadowdriver. It's best to stick to one topic per thread, but I'll have a go.
    You can buy from a big box store, a car parts chain like napa or carquest, west marine or online, or any marina at the higher price end.
    You'll need a few gallons of RV Antifreeze
    Fogging Spray
    New Lube for the outdrive - synthetic high performance preferred for a dollar more
    New oil for the engine
    It's best to drain and refill the fluids now in case you need to have anything fixed. Look at the old oil and lube and see if there is anything amiss. This way your engine sits with pure fluids and you don't leave it sitting all winter with a mix of corrosive biproducts or any condensation/water in it. Also check the trim reservoir, steering reservoir, etc. that they are full and clean fluid.

    What is your existing prop, material, diameter, and pitch, and what is your engine's WOT compared to the manufacturer's recommended WOT (wide open throttle)

    Most 20' cuddy cabins have cushions along both sides with a fill-in to make a bunk.
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