Window Design for Custom Steel Yacht

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by pkoken, Mar 27, 2003.

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    we have request form a customer to manufacure boat with capacity of 100 people and 30-40 ton capacity boat which may be built from aluminum or steel with two motors. the boat should include all necessary things ,like ramps,radio comminication,direction show,compass,fire protection,small boats,long light,small generator, kitchen,bed room, toilet, living room etc. Thus, please advice us how to manufacure as joint venture, We Mesfin Industrial Engineering a vast engineering complex which produce differnt trailers, depots, penstocks, overhead crane, antenna masts, etc.
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    i have done all of the methods
    The drill is this for glass or lexan planted on outside
    Use bedding Sikaflex, use their primer, paint the primer on sealant lands, pack with the sika spacer foam and apply sealant , wedge the work in place, no fasteners what you want is a hardened depth of anout 2mm -3mm , you dont want the work hard up against the metal. Lots of builders in NZ are using glass, toughened planted on with no fastenings, same as in a high rise building, it is an appoved survey method Even boats that pound and jolt rapidly , use this method. If say you cant find a clamping method, like timber crossing the panes, then use a couple screws and draw out afterwards

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    thru bolts would be better

    I agree with most that has been offered on this subject, except the recommendation to tighten the screws after the sealant has set. This will break the sealant bond around the screw and allow water to get into the bulkhead structure. A better process is to use through bolts with nuts on the inside. Tighten bolts only enough to form an even gasket of sealant around the window that is a uniform 1/8 or so thick. After the sealant cures (days with a poly-sulfide) tighten the nuts from the inside while holding the through bolts from moving on the outside. This method compresses the gasket without breaking the seal around the bolts.

    On my 68 Morgan sailboat the bulkhead is slightly curved. Is lexan or plexiglass better if you have to bend it?
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