Wind tunnel engineer, U of Auckland

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    From David Le Pelley

    "Dear friends and colleagues,

    After nearly 15 years at the University of Auckland, I am finally moving on. I will shortly be joining Doyle Sails NZ as their R&D Manager.

    We will soon be advertising for a wind tunnel engineer to take over running the two wind tunnels both commercially and for research projects. We have recently completed construction of a new Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel and are in a great position to carry out all types of wind engineering work, in particular in the fields of cycling, yachting and building aerodynamics.

    If you know of anyone who might be interested please put them in contact with me.

    Kind regards,


    David Le Pelley
    Wind Engineering Group
    Mechanical Engineering Department
    The University of Auckland
    Private bag 92019
    Auckland, New Zealand
    DDI +64 9 9232942
    Mob +64 21 889 503"


    And best wishes to you in your future career, David.
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    Wow, 15 years in university, it only took me 4 . . . ;)
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