Will $5/gallon gas change the next boat you buy?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by IMP-ish, Aug 11, 2011.


Will $5/gallon gas change the next boat you buy?

  1. Yes – going smaller

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  2. Yes – going single

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  3. Yes – going slower

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  4. Yes – going lighter

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  5. No

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  1. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    which is exactly why I'm playing with pyrolysis, it has a much wider range of feed stocks.

    at the moment I can run on motor oil, veggie oil, hydraulic fluid, even brake fluid I think would work ( gotta check about that one ). What keeps me in motor oil is that everyone else needs to be EPA certified to carry the stuff, my farm plates are saving me a ton of hassles on that one, although my system does meet the standards including my exhaust which doesn't go under the tank. Or won't by the time I"m done rebuilding the truck.

    Getting your fuel to the boat is no big deal, a few trips with a five gallon can and your off. Deal is read your slip lease because some of them have restrictions on carry on fuel. Its been a long time since I've rented a slip but I seem to remember something

    you could maybe go to a public ramp and fuel up there out of your pickup

    its your thread I'm just kind stopping in
    if you'd prefer the slightly off topic posts to remain I'm Ok with that if you are
    its just it wasn't really all that on topic
  2. Quatsino Boater
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    Quatsino Boater Junior Member

    Going back to the original post, I now own a 14 foot aluminum lund with a 25 HP etec and a 23 foot fiberglass with cuddy and hardtop with a volvo 4.3 gl.

    I primarily use the small one for prawning and use the big one for offshore fishing. As the price of fuel goes up and I reach retirement age I will go for a new boat with a high length to width ratio. Probably a classic pacific northwest trawler design with less than 150 hp. I was thinking in a 35 to 45 foot range. I was thinking with a small ,easy sail assist to deploy during favorable wind conditions. I would like to get a decent cruise of 8 knots. If I am retired, the need to get there fast to maximize my weekend will not be a driving factor. I can simply spend a day to get where I want and stay overnight then enjoy. I will keep the small aluminum for fishing and a shore boat.

    I would like a fully displacement hull with high bullwarks , since fuel economy will dictate that you can't out run a squall. I would like a 2GPH fuel burn say out of a john deer 70 HP. Rigged with paravanes I think the added comfort , safety (ability to take heavy seas) and the size upgrade would be an easy pill to swallow for greater fuel economy than my current 23 footer which I spend over $100 bucks a day for fuel in!

    So yes I will choose to slow down with todays /tomorrows fuel prices.
  3. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    We have the technology and the materials its just the will to change that lacking !! not to many clever inventuve designers but it could happen if they used the other side of there brain as well !!
    Build lighter boats that take less hp to move them .
    I have kept thinking about how fast yachts really are because they carry tons of lead every where to hold then in the water ,Think how fast they would go with out it all !! Wow they could fly even !!
    Power boats wouldnt need might great heavy engines if they were lighter and better designed !!Those great fuel tanks could be turned into extra Cabin space !!
    Acceptance by you and me and us collectively is the biggest problem !!. What will you and us give up to be better boaties ?? .
    Not asking to not go boating just change the way we do it thats all .
    What about when there is no fuel left !! Then what ??:(:?::confused:
  4. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    Man the destroyer !!

    Coming from London back to China i looked out the window of the aircraft and saw a huge barron waste land for mile upon mile of nothingness . Did it always look like that ? WHERE were all the trees and vegetation? What happened to it all ?? where id it all go ??who ate it and never replanted anything ??

    Think a little about the oil rich countries of the world !
    What do they do with all that money ?? build huge ugly cities and cover vast areas with completely useless buildings !!.
    What about using there wealth and making an oasis and try making the planet green again like it used to be in ancient times that gave us all that black gold WE keep useing thoughtlessly and never think beyond today about tomorrow or the day after or the day after that . Our rubbish dumps of today will be the sources of raw materials for our childrens ,childrens, children to dig up and reuse in there future .
    Were ever we go and what ever we do we are gradually destroying our selves little by little ever so slowly . We keep sucking the black gold out of the ground just for the pleasure of burning it in some way !!with that burning we are changing the atmosphere so slowly the weather changes and we are sad because it not clear skys every day .
    We sit in our exspensive beautiful cars on endless motorways going nowhere just for the pleasure of pumping ton upon ton of crap into the air we need to breath just to go to some where we really dont need to go in the first place . With the huge suck out of oil the mantle of the earth is becoming unstable and we are getting movement because its not being held uo like it used to be so the diamaeter of the earth is being reduced fractionally in Diameter each year so one day some one will realise we dont need a leap year anymore and then there will be just 359 days in the year and soon 23.75 hours in a day and our wages will get cut becasue we dont work so long so will want a payrise to compensate but its never going to stop happening for every more!!

    We find a tropical island and say it fantastic and heaven on earth , Before long its covered with hi rise buildings and has a air strip so even more peopl can come bring with then all the bagage and endless rubbish and the place is endlessly dumping and pumping tones of **** into the enviroment and killing paradise !!! So then its time to go find another island we can the same thing all over again but this time quicker to destroy and kill .
    Humans are the worst species god ever created in his wisdom laboratory at killing the panet !!!we should all band together and need to get rid of them and all will be beautifull again for those that are left !!
    What have you done today that will wipe out some more of the planet a bit quicker ? I played my part and did my share and i hope you are all doing you share as well .
    :(:confused::eek::mad: Wake up people , sorry someone killed the flowers so you will have to think of something else to smell !!

    Ok i just had to get this off my chest !! sorry ! I will crawl back in my chosen hole and hide again !
  5. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    These are the main reason I moved to catamarans.


  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    When oil got to 130 sometime ago there became a glut of it as people cut back. Electric cars were on the Tv everynight.

    There is only a price so high that people are prepared to pay then they cut back. The world can make more fuel than it needs, it will not go to 130 again simply because the market knows now what the limit is and wont want to in near that point.

    All kinds of frugal vehicles are being developed along with aircraft. Why would you invest in something that becoming unpopular and un sociable.

    I dont believe the market should have the right to call the shots anyway but thats another story. Some middle East countries are aware of the inevitable demise of oil and investing in other sustainable resources--Dubai, Those that don't like Saudi are on a slippery slope,---what does Saudi do with the money anyway?
  7. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    they take mammoth vacations to places like Aspen where one of them owns a 60,000 sq/ft vacation home and is there about a month out of the year. That way they can get all the alcohol drugs and girls they want. In there own country if they appear "un-muslim" they would be in huge trouble. I"ve built a few things up there and you can't miss it when those fools are out on the town living it up.
  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I know what fools they are drinking so does Turkey just over the border. Thailand is blessed by their unwanted tourism and the police cells are always full of silly fighting Arabs sobering up.
    They think all Western or Far east women are available because of the magazine Play boy. The stupid people actually call to women in the street from their high floor hotel rooms from the window. They are well known and some places ban them as they come in and stare at dancers all 5 of them sharing a coke.

    When they 'are' allowed into some places they phone up there mates immediately. Many westerners walk out including me.

    Typical Arab?--Gaddafis lying childish son.

    However a few luxury houses or gold plated helicopters wont even skim the top off it.

    Back to topic.
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  9. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    apparently I gotta spread some reputation around before giving it to Frosty again

    well I haven't walked out of any places just because any certain ethnicities have arrived but I sure have seen more than my share of these guys "escorted" from the premises. Even in a place like Aspen there is a certain level of "decorum" expected regardless of who you are. The guys who hang in the Saudi mansion tend to be royal family. When they hit the town its generally there entourage thats misbehaving. Although I've seen a few turbans hit the floor during my stay up there.

    OK yah
    back on track

  10. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Wood Butcher

    Bring price down by drilling and cutting fuel taxes world wide. The tax money is squandered anyway so why pay it?
  11. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    For me it already has. I'm building (very slowly) the glen L Bearcat 9' x 30'06". It calls for twin outboards up to 250hp. I'm adding a third sponson, narrower then the other two, and shorter (12') so I can go with a center outboard engine (used) around 100hp and then will carry a kicker 9.9 engine (new) with a bracket off one side or the other. I cannot pay $ 250.00 a weekend for gas on a fixed pension. I'll try to post some drawing pictures.
  12. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

  13. rasorinc
    Joined: Nov 2007
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    Thats the hull streched to 30'-06" and narrowed to 9' maybe 9'-6". Thanks for posting it Bos. Has a full cabin.
  14. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    looks great, nice and roomy, trailerable to, at least with my farm plates it is.

    you should post some picts of the progress


  15. sdowney717
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    sdowney717 Senior Member

    how about this shocking thought, oil is NOT a fossil fuel
    take some time to listen and read some interesting information. Peak oil is pushed by oil companies and traders and futurists and governments. Mostly to drive up profits and maximize taxes and satisfy some green thinking of changing societies way of using energy. But, really it is all about the money.

    Ultra deep wells are being drilled where there are no fossils ever. That oil is produced by iron oxide, water, heat, pressure, and marble miles under ground. The oil migrates up from lower layers and forms vast pools deep under fossil beds.

    NPR radio story








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