Wii controller for a canoe

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    before the 1930's and the unions there was no working middle class

    the bozos that don't think they need a union because they get paid decently don't realize they get what they get because of unions

    the decline of unions under regan was the start of the decline of the middle class

    real income for the middle class has hardly increased for 20 + years
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    The real median income of 99% of the population in this country has just barely kept ahead of inflation in the last 30 years and income growth has been about 13% to 16% depending on who's figures you want to believe. The remaining 1% of the population, the wealthiest of all in the USA, have had about 260% to 290% income growth across the same time span, again depending on who's figures you want to believe.
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    According to data collected a couple of years ago, CEOs in the S&P 500 averaged $10.5 million annually--344 times the pay of typical American workers. Does anyone really believe the bozo at the top is worth more today than 340 of the workers who actually produce the goods or services his company sells?

    Back in the 60's, the average CEO earned about 40 times what the average worker earned. What magical skills do today's CEO's possess, that make them almost ten times more valuable to a company than their predecessors were? Are they really ten times better at doing their job?

    Or can we say, "board of directors in his pocket," boys and girls? I knew you could....:D

    Some people don't understand that a CEO doesn't own his company. He's just another employee; a glorified hired hand. The stockholders are the actual owners. And with the rise of 401k's and other investment and retirement schemes, larger and larger chunks of companies are owned by the people who work there, or by other workers who have diversified their investments. What gives a CEO the right to screw them out of their dividends, by pissing away the money on himself and his buddies instead?
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    Yah its fun !! (Until the batteries run out :p)

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