Wide open tuna bite/every fisherman's dream

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    Here is a report from Zancudo Lodge owner Gregg Mufson with an amazing video

    If you are a fisherman, this video is truly amazing.

    Zancudo Lodge captains, Javier, Tito, Elvis, Rafa B, Rafa L, Abilio, and my friend Demian joined me on a 2 day offshore adventure and this is what we stumbled upon on Day 1! All of us said that this might be a once in a lifetime event that most fisherman dream of. It was an amazing tuna feeding frenzy where it was a wide open tuna bite with mostly 40lb tunas crashing into blue runners. Usually the blue runners do the terrorizing but on this occasion, the school was huddled at the top of the water as tuna crashed threw the bait ball and they had no where to go. Enjoy this truly epic experience. So come join us at The Zancudo Lodge for the ultimate fishing adventure.

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    Thanks Brian! :D
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