Why Maxsurf dosen't see surface after import from Rhino?

Discussion in 'Software' started by waldemar123, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. waldemar123
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    waldemar123 Junior Member

    Hi, I did model of catamaran in rhino and exported to maxsurf 13. Why after import surface from rhino, maxsurf didn't see a few surface and didin't see trimmed surface. I tried moved control points but effect is the same (whitout sukcess :() sorry for my rusty english and please help me
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    MAxsurf do not accept trimmed surface in rhino,, so avoid trimming surface in rhino or make that surface in maxsurf again.
  3. waldemar123
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    waldemar123 Junior Member

    Hi, I making surface in maxsurf again but the effect is the same i.e. maxurf didn't see surface after trimmed
  4. love
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    love Junior Member

    you should set "'display-trimming-trim invisible"
  5. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    Which version of maxsurf are you using? Send your model thru to our support email and we will take a look. We have made a lot of improvements to Rhino interchange in the past few versions and there is no good reason why it shouldn't read in correctly
  6. juangadea
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    juangadea Engineering & Design

    There could be problems also if the surfaces are too heavy (too many control points)
  7. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    That shouldnt really matter unless the number of points is extreme (more than say 500x300) These days in Maxsurf thousands of surfaces and thousands of control points shouldnt be a problem, especially with the 64-bit version.
    If your surfaces do have very large number of control points, you would have to question the quality of the surface anyway. Always use the Rebuild command in Rhino to keep your surface control point net manageable.
  8. naserrishehri
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    naserrishehri Senior Member

    rhino to maxsurf

    dear friend
    you must create all surfaces in rhino by loft or sweep rail command until you can export to maxsurf.if you use another way to create surface or trim surfaces ,then you can not see them in maxsurf.
    best regards
  9. DCockey
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    DCockey Senior Member

    Interesting. I understood that surfaces in Rhino created using Loft or Sweep are the same mathematically as those created using other commands. What has not worked for you?

  10. bhnautika
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    I have found that there does seem to be a bit of a problem with the way some versions of rhino and maxsurf interact. For a start, rhino treats the way it makes up a surface differently and the number of control points that define that surface. I have done an example to show what I mean. First thing, I am using rhino four and later version of maxsurf 12 so some of this may not be applicable on newer versions of both programmes but may give some incite if you are still having trouble with the newer versions. I first created a series of surfaces (see pic) from a line drawing made up of four lines, made up of four control points. From this I made five surfaces using different methods to get a similar surface for each. The first on the first line, single rail using then end section, the second was two rails, end section. The first on the second line was surface from 2,3,4 edge curves. The second was an extrude along a line and the bottom surface was from a network of curves. I used basic default setting’s and I have turned on the control points, as can be seen, the method used has a bearing on the number of control points rhino adds to the original lines to get a surface. I then trimmed them with plane surfaces (see pic) and exported them as rhino 3 files as maxsurf 12 doesn’t much like R4 files, also you seem to need to export the trimming surface as well, unlike the reverse from maxsurf to rhino. Of the five surfaces imported three went in and trimmed but the two rail surfaces not only didn’t trim but the underlining mesh was not visible (see pic) which was the original problem. The control points were there but no mesh was visible. The mesh can be re- instated by using the un-trim on the surface then re trimming. I would be interested to know if the same problems still pop up with newer versions of both programmes.

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