Why can't I find S-glass these days?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by tschienque, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. tschienque
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    tschienque Junior Member

    10-15 years ago I could find S-glass just about anywhere, but not so nowadays.

    SP resins only lists a single 800gm uni and it's as expensive as 500gm carbon uni!!! Used to be about 50-66% of carbons price. :(

    Any sources, anyone??? :confused:

    Especially europe.
  2. Phil Locker
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    Phil Locker Junior Member


    I used to use 6oz on occasion (200 gr) but can't find it anymore at reasonable cost. Currently when I need s-glass I'll use an 8.9oz aircraft weave. Pricing on it isn't too bad... probably 50% of what you'd pay for 6oz carbon. My source is Composites Canada in Mississauga (near Toronto).
  3. tschienque
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    tschienque Junior Member

    Just found a source for woven s-glass (while looking for something else) in Must, Virginia in 4, 6 and 9 ounce weights.

    John R Sweet Co
  4. AVMan
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    AVMan Junior Member

    Fiber availability

    People can't seem to find ANY fiber these days, especially carbon, Spectra, and S-glass. I think alot of S-glass is being used up in armoring for vehicles over in Iraq.. Sorry that I don't have any sources, but at least it's a viable reason for the shortage.
  5. jwaring1
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    jwaring1 New Member

    S-glass vs Basalt

    I have found that Basalt fiber has slightly better mechanical properties than S-glass and much better UV resistance. It works well with both poly and epoxy resins. The only drawback I can find is that it is not transparent.

  6. Herman
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    Herman Senior Member

    If someone is in the need:

    I have a 50lm x 127cm (50" wide x approx 150') roll of S-Glass, unidirectional multiaxial (250 gr in 0 direction, 50gr in 90 direction) which I do not use.

    Available for nice price (125 dollar or 100 euro) + shipping. Roll weighs approx 20 kgs or 45 lbs.

    At this moment S-glass is hard to come by, E-glass is OK, Aramid is OK, just carbon is a disaster. Both in 3K and 12K.
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