Who makes polyethylene fuel tanks?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by DogCavalry, Feb 4, 2021.

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    Why not show us your planned cabin layout? Someone might be able to grenade it well. What I mean here is you probably can't put tanks below the sole, so some interior changes are likely as I suggested on the Friday post

    After all AH wisdom, I'd say the tank goes either where I drew it or one floor back.
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    Ah, you guys are fantastic! I knew this was a big adventure Anne and I were starting, but I didn't imagine there'd be so many Paladins along the way.

    I will do the calculations AdHoc speaks of as soon as I can catch a breath. Fallguy, you and Bluebell have convinced me that there will simply have to be some sacrifice of interior floor space- I followed Dave Gerr's structural recommendations pretty conscientiously, and that didn't make tank placement simple. With that concession in place, there are more options.
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    One thing to take advantage of is most people seated will probably not see the water well. Many boats use a seat riser to get the passengers eyes up higher so they can see dolphins or whales or other boats.

    I suggest you sit on a chair at the intended heights of sole and see what your friend thinks about looking out. It may feel low as is now. Here is a picture of our forward settee. Our headroom is declining, but it doesn't matter to raise up the chairs because people are intended to be seated. There have been a few head clunking incidents during the build, but once the table is in; it will be a challenge to bang one's head; despite being well below head heights.

    The riser here is about 7" which means the stowage heights are around 25" off the sole. But we pick up storage space and we raise up the passengers for them to see the water better. Courtesy of Richard Wood's designs.

    The cabin is 78" at the step down and shower and 75" at the edge of the settee. Then the riser is up 7", so head clearance drops to 68" and then gets about to 65" at the forward edge of the settee, but none of that is terrible because people are seated in these places.

    4" cushions will bump the people up about 2" more


    A 7" seat riser for you might be just enough to sneak a bit bigger off the shelf tank in..

    In other news, it is -15F here this morning..

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    Who are you talking to?
    Are you off your meds?
    I'm not grenading anyone.
    Try rereading my post.
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