Who makes F18 Masts?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by jedkins, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. jedkins
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    jedkins Junior Member

    Would anyone know a spar manufacturer that makes F18 masts?. (eg , Hobie Tiger, Nacra etc)

    I realise I can buy a Tiger or Nacra mast from Hobie or Nacra but that is not exactly what I want.

    Would anyone know the name of the actual spa maker.? I have heard that Hobie USA get their masts from a spar maker in California but I have been unable to locate a name or address. Thanks for any help
  2. SweBlueBox
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    SweBlueBox New Member

    http://www.marstrom.com/ produce HiQ carbon masts for boats comparable to the F18. Perhaps they have thoughts on the F18 too? No loss asking!

  3. waikikin
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    waikikin Senior Member

    Try Composite Spars & tubes in Kurnell, Australia, they may have something to suit.Regards from Jeff.

  4. Erwan
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    Erwan Senior Member

    Hi Jedkins,
    For formulas 18, the Australian Capricorn rig has triggered some research in France. As a result, the Hobie Tiger designer, who has currently a new hull design, as an evolution of the Tiger, investigated rig issue and made aspecial mast section which seems to be the best trade off between lateral and longitudinal stifness. I know that this new mast section is currently used by other F 18 builder like Boulogne catamaran.

    Here is is fax number, but he might no answer you or send your name to the mast builder, which is AluCarbon I guess.

    ALADO CAT: 00 33 (0)2 97 55 27 81
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